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We've had a lot of stories and people talking on social media that last few days about the Rochester Public Schools.  One of those that I heard was concerning to me as a parent since it involved the Principal at Century High School being put on leave.  I'm not a fan of reading and believing what is happening in Facebook groups and forums so I went to the source, Rochester Public Schools, to get more information.

I reached out to Heather Nessler, who is the Executive Director of Communications, Marketing, and Technology with our school district, and asked her to verify if a principal in the Rochester Public School district was put on leave.  I fully disclosed to her that I am also a parent of a student at Century High School and since I haven't received any information about this, I wanted to see if it was accurate.  I also asked the following questions:

  • And if he is on leave, who is the contact person for Century High School at this time for parents?
  • Is there a discussion that will be taking place in the future by the board or a time frame when more information will be discussed?

I truly appreciate her fast response and you can see the answers given below:

Principal Fogarty is on a non-disciplinary leave from Rochester Public Schools. There is a complaint against him and that complaint is being reviewed by the District.

Regarding your question about contact information, parents can contact the school per normal, all emails and phone calls are being handled by the Century administrators.

Due to data privacy, there is nothing further that I am able to provide at this time.

Heather Nessler

Executive Director

Communications, Marketing, Technology

Rochester Public Schools

I know many of you were wondering and asking and I know, this may not be as much detail as some would like, but it is the answer that is available at this time.

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