Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester City Council is now considering a somewhat smaller salary increase than what was first proposed last month.

The council was scheduled to vote Monday night on significant increases for councilmembers and the mayor. The council instead voted to lower the proposed increases by 20-percent this year. The proposal was made by Councilmember Annalissa Johnson and passed 5-2. Council President Randy Staver and member Shaun Palmer voted against the proposal. Staver made a proposal for lower increases but it was rejected. The issue will come back for one more vote at a future meeting.

The council also withheld a vote on a proposal to convert the former Kmart store site into a public Park-and-Ride operation that would also be used by Mayo Clinic employees. The council voted to table the proposed lease agreement between the city and property owner due to various concerns with the plan. It’s expected the property owner and city will continue meeting to deal with the council’s concerns.

Kim David/TSM
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