Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The city’s new parking ordinance is, once again, part of the agenda for Monday’s meeting of the Rochester City Council.

The Council is being asked to authorize staff to begin issuing warning tickets over a two-week period beginning Tuesday, with actual citations issued for violations after December 2nd. The request also includes authorization to begin issuing actual tickets prior to December 3rd if the city were to experience a major snow event during the two-week warning period.

City staff will also update the Council on the ongoing education campaign that was launched after the city implemented changes to assist in snow removal operations. One of the key changes is a seasonal even-odd parking arrangement that requires vehicles to park on the even side of streets on even days and the odd side on odd-numbered days that will be in effect from October through April. Since the start of the educational effort, the Rochester Police Department has issued over 3700 educational notices and 53,000 educational postcards have been delivered to every residential and commercial mailbox in the city.

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