Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man has been arrested after a police officer was punched in the face.

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Police said 31-year-old Tyrone Land was in the entryway of the Olmsted County Jail and was punching windows and yelling around 11:15 pm Sunday.

Tyrone Land - Olmsted County Jail
Tyrone Land - Olmsted County Jail

Land left and two officers followed him onto 4th Street SE. Land began to approach the officers in their squad in an aggressive manner.

Officials said the officers exited the squad and told Land he was under arrest. One officer approached Land from behind to place him under arrest, but Land resisted and pushed the officer to the ground and punched the officer in the face multiple times.

The two officers were eventually able to control the suspect but were not able to arrest him until an off-duty police officer, who was driving by, came to assist.

Land is facing possible charges of 4th-degree assault of the police officer and obstruction of the legal process.

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