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At one point, the Ear of Corn Water Tower was in 10th place. It looked as if the corny water tower was going to fall behind and eventually fall into the darkness. Instead, Rochester rallied.

Rallied not just into being a relevant player on the ballot, but rallied to the top!

Ear of Corn Water Tower Named People's Choice 'Tank of the Year'

Moments after Olmsted County sent out the details on how area community members could vote on the People's Choice for 'Tank of the Year', the votes started piling up. From 10th to fifth, to second, to first, the Ear of Corn Water Tower took home the prize as the People's Choice from Tnemec Company. They shared it on their Facebook Page earlier today.

Tneme Company Facebook Page
Tnemec Company Facebook Page

Since 2006 the Tnemec Company has searched across the country and Canada for the 'Tank of the Year', and this year Rochester's Ear of Corn Tower was the only nomination to get more than 5,000 votes from the public.

Since 2006, Tnemec has celebrated the innovative and creative uses of its coatings on water tanks with the annual Tank of the Year contest. Each year, tanks of all varieties from across the U.S. and Canada are narrowed down to determine the most impressive coatings projects in the water tank industry.

This year, nearly 300 water tanks were nominated, backed by some great communities and project teams from across the U.S. and Canada. But when all was said and done, only one tank received more than 5,000 votes from the public

It is not over for the Ear of Corn Water Tower yet, either. Tnemec Company will now take the People's Choice Champion into consideration along with 11 other Water Towers to determine the company's 'Tank of the Year'

We will now consider the People's Choice, along with 11 other Tnemec-determined finalists, for the contest crown and will announce the overall winner on Friday, Oct. 22. Come back then to see our finalists and check out the official 2021 Tank of the Year.

Check back on Friday to see if the Ear of Corn Water Tower can win again!

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