Hey Rockford, we are first to receive a license (one of 340 for Illinois) for a cannabis "craft grow." MyStateline

O.K. so first question, what does "craft grow" mean?

Craft grown is a cannabis cultivation process that generally involves environmentally sustainable practices. In addition, craft grown cannabis is usually produced in small batches and certified organic. - Leafwell

The company that will be occupying this location on Forest View Road, which is just east of Alpine Road...is Star Buds.


From the Star Buds Facebook page:

 Star Buds is changing the way people think about cannabis. Founded in 2013, Star Buds was among the first retail outlets to receive licensing when Colorado legalized recreational cannabis.


Also, Star Buds is a craft grow company with an ownership that is 66% black. There is great opportunity for jobs and growth within the Rockford area with Star Buds in town...

“These businesses and those that will follow create thousands of well-paying jobs across the entire state of Illinois. They generate revenue that’s reinvested directly into impacted communities,” said Department of Agriculture Director Jerry Costello. WIFR

The legal weed industry is growing and growing in Illinois. New shops, stores, popping up across the state at a rapid pace. But it's ROCKFORD that shows up FIRST when it comes to a craft "grow" location in the state of Illinois, how cool is that?

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