The Kansas City Royals continue to be the best story in sports. Not only are they winning and ending decades of futility, but they're also making sure their fans are enjoying every minute of the ride.

Case in point: Royals reliever Brandon Finnegan recently gave a fan tickets to a game after said fan asked him on Twitter.

Amazingly, Finnegan responded that he could probably hook him up. After a pleasant exchange between the two, Finnegan delivered:

Seriously, is there a more likable team than the Royals? First, they made the playoffs after a 29-year hiatus, then they shocked the A's and further shocked the Angels. Then, for good measure, they treated their fans to a night out at a bar. Considering the Royals have been as relevant as an 8-track player for the last three decades, it's nice to see all the goodwill.

If the magic keeps going and they somehow win the World Series, we're thinking the Royals may pay off the national debt.