Tragedy struck close to home as one Oklahoma student-athlete heard about the passing of his brother.

Akolda Manyang, a reserve center for Oklahoma, missed Sunday’s second round game against VCU as he returned to Minnesota following a death in the family.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, that family member was his brother, Ater Manyang, a former high school basketball star at Rochester's Century High School who graduated in 2012. He had been admitted into a treatment facility last week where he was found dead of an apparent suicide on Friday.

He's the sad topic of this week's episode of the Two-Minute Drill... Our thoughts are certainly with Akolda and all of Ater's friends and family.

Frank and Scotty also jinxed the Wild in a GOOD way, as since they called the team out in their last episode of the 'Two-Minute Drill' they've been on a mini hot-streak!

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