Samuel L. Jackson, the most ubiquitous man alive, appeared on The Tonight Show to tug at our collective nostalgia by performing a compelling slam poem about the hit '90s TV show 'Boy Meets World.' After blowing out a cloud of white smoke, Jackson reignited our deep childhood love for the trials and tribulations of young Cory Matthews.

As only he can, Jackson fully captured the gravity of 'Boy Meets World.' Using masterful rhythm and tone, Jackson breathed life into the essence of each character as he introduced them. The superstar effortlessly reminded us of those characters who played such a large role in our lives, like Cory's best friend, Shawn Hunter, and Corey's wise old teacher, Mr. Feeny.

But there's a narrative in all of this. Jackson, star of "Snakes on a Plane' and 'Pulp Fiction,' recounted with aplomb the story of how love blossomed in Cory's heart for the free spirit known as Topanga.

This stirred-up nostalgia comes just in time to ignite some interest in Disney's upcoming show, 'Girl Meets World,' which will pick up the story with Cory, Topanga and their tween daughter. 'Girl Meets World' will air on the Disney Channel this summer.