I’m still waiting for my third stimulus check to show up - If you’re checking your bank account or mailbox every day too, you can check the status of the payment here. The IRS says payments are being sent in phases, and now there’s talk of additional stimulus money in the form of monthly checks.

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Dataforprogress.org posted results of a recent survey that showed almost two-thirds of voters (65%) were in favor of a $2,000 monthly direct deposit for every American. Those that support this idea want the payments to continue for as long as the pandemic is impacting our lives. Do you think we will receive monthly payments? Do you think they're necessary? Open our app to chat with us and share your opinion.


A group of Democratic Senators is trying to make the monthly payments a reality. They wrote a letter to President Joe Biden that said, “As we work together to get much-needed relief to American families, we appreciate your strong support for direct payments and enhanced unemployment insurance for the millions of families affected by this public health and economic crisis.”

The Senators urged the President to “include recurring direct payments and automatic unemployment insurance extensions tied to economic conditions” in his Build Back Better long-term economic plan.

How to Get Your Stimulus Check Quickly and How Much
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Democrats are pushing for the additional payments but the majority of Republican voters approve the idea too, according to the survey above. 54% of Republicans surveyed said they would support the monthly payments. The full letter, which cites that survey, can be read here.


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