If you put a professional stand-up comic on a stage, he's going to want to perform. Did anyone actually expect 'SNL' guest host Louis C.K. to play along with any opening monologue idea that wasn't just eight minutes of hilarious comedy carefully culled from whatever he's working on at the moment? After all, C.K. is funny and he knows a good self-promotion opportunity when he sees it.

There is zero involvement from other 'SNL' cast members in C.K.'s opening bit, which is literally just him, alone on stage, with his hilarious personal material. It's radically different from your typical show opening, but that's okay -- its tough to imagine too many real comedy fans being upset at the chance to see one of the best modern comedians trying out material on a live show.

His act jumps from raising his two girls to believing in God (but not heaven) to the dark secret history between men and women. Like the best C.K. bits, there's an honesty and frankness here that can be startling, like when he admits to hating his daughters' school pageants or calls out an audience member who thinks she's getting into heaven. It's not a new season of 'Louie,' but hey, we'll take it.