I've heard of those beer passports, where you can go get a stamp at breweries and I believe it earns you a free beer. This brewery pass is similar but with a twist. This brewery pass is only for dog-friendly breweries around Minnesota. Plus proceeds help a Minnesota animal rescue!

It's called the Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass and it's available through a company called Sidewalk Dog. There are a total of 47 Minnesota breweries on the list. The pass is good for the entire year and with your pass you get a free drink at each of the participating dog-friendly breweries.

No, you do not need to be a dog owner to purchase one of these passes, but you do need to be an animal lover because a portion of the proceeds from the brewery passes goes to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. So you're getting yourself some delicious beer and a variety of breweries, your four-legged friend gets to come along, and you're helping dogs (and other animals) in need. It doesn't get much better than that!

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These Dog-Friendly Brewery Passes cost $30, which is a super good deal because like I said, you get a free drink at each of the 47 breweries on the list. If you hit up all of them that's less than a dollar per drink.

In case I haven't sold you on this already, here are the participating breweries:

Twin Cities Breweries: Alloy Brewing Company, Arbeiter Brewing Company, Bad Weather Brewing Company, Bauhaus Brew Labs, Bent Brewstillery, Big Wood Brewery, Broken Clock Brewing Co-op, Elm Creek Brewing, Excelsior Brewing Co., FINNEGANS Brew Co., Forgotten Star Brewing Co., Fulton, HeadFlyer Brewing, Lupulin Brewing, Minneapolis Cider Co., Nine Mile Brewing, OMNI Brewing, Pryes Brewing Company, Saint Paul Brewing, Schram Haus Brewery, Shakopee Brewhall, Surly Brewing Co., Thor’s Hard Cider, Uncommon Loon, Union 32 Craft House, Urban Growler Brewing Company, Utepils Brewing, Wabasha Brewing Company, Waldmann Brewery, Wicked Wort, Wild Mind Ales, Wooden Hill Brewing, and Wooden Ship Brewing Company

Greater MN Breweries: Beaver Island Brewing Company, Canal Park Brewing Company, Giesenbräu Bier Co., Imminent Brewing, Klockow Brewing Company, Pawprint Brewery, Portage Brewing Company, Rapids Brewing Company, Revelation Ale Works, Schell’s Brewery, Snarky Loon Brewing Company, Talking Waters Brewing Company, Third Street Brewhouse, and Wild State Cider

I'm sure I'll see you out sipping beer on the patio this summer!

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