Among the great pantheon of movie-TV reboots, few seemed as interesting as Syfy's brand-new take on Terry Gilliam-Bruce Willis classic '12 Monkeys.' Now it seems Syfy has extended our stay in the future (or is it the past?) with a full series order for the new series based on classic French film short "La Jetee," with an eye to bow in January 2015.

Nikita‘ and ‘X-Men‘ franchise star Aaron Stanford will take the role of Cole (James Cole in the film), a desperate and haunted man from the near future who has been sent to the present to stop a deadly plague from being released upon the world by the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Fellow ‘Nikita’ star Amanda Schull will play Cassandra Railly (Katherine in the film), a brilliant doctor forced to choose between her idyllic life, and joining Cole’s mission to uncover the mysterious conspiracy surrounding the plague.

Says Syfy of the series order:

12 Monkeys is a captivating time-travel adventure and high-stakes race against the clock. We are thrilled to add it to our slate of engaging and thought-provoking new scripted projects including the recently announced event series Ascension and the second season renewal of Helix from Ron Moore.

For those unfamiliar with the 1995 film, ’12 Monkeys’ featured Bruce Willis in the role of James Cole, criminal inmate in an apocalyptic future where Earth’s surviving population dwells underground in fear of a deadly virus released years earlier by the Army of the Twelve Monkeys (led by a young, Oscar-nominated Brad Pitt). Cole is sent back to the past to prevent the outbreak of the virus, hoping to earn himself a pardon if successful. Syfy’s version will reportedly follow the same basic outline, which itself was derived from French director Chris Marker’s 1962 science fiction short ‘La Jetée.’

Well, what do you think? Are you excited to see what Syfy comes up with for its own '12 Monkeys' series? What kind of Terry Gilliam weirdness do you think the adaptation can bring to the table?