Teddy Bridgewater Talks To Media For First Time in 11 Months
Aug. 30, 2016, was the date that Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a career-threatening knee injury. At the time, nobody knew much, all we knew was that it was very serious.
Bridgewater talked to the media for the first time in 11 months today in Mankato, and said he was "In it …
The Search is Over! Brady’s Jersey Found!
One of the great mysteries of the decade has been solved.  Actually two mysteries, but the first one went unnoticed.
We’re talking about New England Patriot quarter back Tom Brady’s jerseys.  Yes that’s right, more than one.
The NFL released a statement Monday that confirmed a joint investigation betw…
Catch of the Year Candidate?
Paul Richardson of the Seattle Seahawks made one of the most ridiculous catches of the year in the Seahawks 26-6 win over the Detroit Lions in the NFC Wild Card Round of the 2017 Playoffs.
Richardson, who regular season stats consist of 21 catches for 288 yards and a touchdown, submitted his entry ha…

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