It may look more like a disorganized street brawl or bar fight, but this is actually a sport.

Team MMA, in which teams fight each other in what more closely resembles a free-for-all usually reserved for bench-clearing brawls, is happening. There are even referees, although how they're supposed to maintain any sense of order remains a bigger mystery than why mass fighting should be a team sport.

This match pits Poland versus Sweden. Do these two countries have any kind of Soviet-American Cold War-type hostilities that would explain why several people of the same nationality feel the need to pummel foreigners? We have no idea, but we do know they're teammates.

Call us crazy, but isn't a group fight like this just hockey without any of the padding weighing them down?

If you're going to have an extreme team sport, we vote for competitive eating. We'd love to see people jamming bratwursts down their throats in the name of trying to make the playoffs.