Aug. 30, 2016, was the date that Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a career-threatening knee injury. At the time, nobody knew much, all we knew was that it was very serious.

Bridgewater talked to the media for the first time in 11 months today in Mankato, and said he was "In it for the long haul."

Bridgewater has been rehabbing since the injury, and it has been a total grind, according to the Star Tribune.

“It’s been one grind, the best thing I have going. I come from an amazing DNA, we’re fighters. You have some days, you don’t see the progress, but it’s a long process. I’m in it for the long haul. It’s a rollercoaster you go on; I’ve had so much support. I’ve had more great days than I’ve had bad days,” Bridgewater said.

Bridgewater is not thinking long term at all, he is just thinking about getting healthy, and returning to the field. He has high praise for his coaches, training staff and his teammates. Bridgewater has always been a high-character guy, and his personality has reflected on his teammates. For now though, he is focused on getting better.

“Right now I can’t even think long-term. Within a blink of an eye, it was taken away from me. Right now, I’m just focusing on Teddy," Bridgewater said.


He is on the physically unable to perform list, but he could come back from this injury much earlier than expected. He has put together several videos on his Instagram page showing him throwing footballs and taking snaps, giving fans hope.

We all hope for the fan favorite to get back to the field soon, but the process is long, and there is no doubt that Bridgewater is in it for the long haul.

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