It looks like the on-field leader of the purple and gold will be paying tribute to the Purple One this fall.

Getty Images

That's right, according to ESPN, the Vikings' Teddy Bridgewater has been yelling out "Purple rain!" once he gets to the line of scrimmage during Vikings training camp.

It's similar to Peyton Manning's famous yelling of "Omaha!" last year, or the Packers' Aaron Rodgers yelling "Green 19!" before they each start a play.

According to the ESPN story, "Teddy’s call of 'Purple Rain' at the line is his choice and his way to tip the cap to Minnesota’s legendary artist." That would be, of course, Prince-- who unexpectedly passed away in April of this year.

Prince was a Minnesota fan through and through, and was often times spotted in the stands at Timberwolves games. But he was also a fan of the hometown Vikings and Golden Gophers, too. His legendary album (and subsequent movie), 'Purple Rain,' were both released in 1984.

So, when you're watching the Vikings this fall, keep an ear out for Teddy's new "Purple Rain" signature call. Seeing that the Vikings' colors are, in fact, purple too, I think it's a pretty cool and fitting tribute.