A teenager fell from a moving vehicle in central Iowa as the car was making its way from one Iowa interstate to another. Thank goodness that's where the incident occurred.

The scary moment happened late in the morning on a busy January workday earlier this month. As a car was taking the southbound I-35 ramp to head west on I-80 in the Des Moines metro, the rear passenger door of the vehicle opened. Shortly after, a teenager falls to the pavement.

The driver of the vehicle quickly comes to a stop as a semi approaches in the lane of traffic where the teen had fallen. A vehicle ahead of the car obviously saw what was happening. It begins to break and pull off the roadway before the car, with the teenager already hanging out the door, becomes visible on the camera.

After a matter of seconds, the driver of the car goes to the aid of the teenager and another person comes running from out of the picture to offer assistance. Amazingly, and thankfully, after tumbling out of the vehicle the teenager ends up in a seated position. After less than three minutes, the teen is able to stand and is helped back to the car.

Iowa Department of Transportation spokesperson Andrea Henry told the Des Moines Register that the teenager was believed to be between 14 and 18 years old. They were treated for "very minor injuries and seemed to be Ok."

It's estimated the vehicle was traveling between 20 and 25 miles per hour when the incident occurred. It's not known why the teen opened the door and fell out of the car.

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