The Soldiers Field golf course will remain as it is - all 18 holes, no changes.

Kim David/ Townsquare Media

That was the decision of the Rochester Park Board today. The board is considering a master plan for the future of the entire 145 acre park and one option called for a downsizing of the golf course from its current 18 holes to nine. That led to strong opposition from the city’s golfing community and others. The board did agree the option may be considered again in future years, depending on the use of the course and changes in the community.

The board will now begin discussing possible changes and enhancements to the northern 40 acres of the park. It’s possible those changes could occur during the next 10 years.

The board also directed staff to seek bids for a new clubhouse at the city’s Northern Hills course. A proposal presented to the board today had an estimated cost of $364,000. A slightly larger building that would accommodate more golfers would cost about $50,000 more. If bids are favorable and one is accepted, the new building could be operational in time for next season. Staff will also look at estimated costs of additional parking at the course.