I had no idea that a place that became a destination to visit at least once in my life had so much history.

I knew that the restaurant was old, but I had no idea something so significant happened inside.

I guess I should've figured that The Berghoff, one of Chicago's oldest bars and restaurants, would have at least one or two notable things happen inside but not to this level.

What I didn't know as my wife and I were killing time before going to see Hamilton at the CIBC Theatre back a few years ago was that I was heading into The Berghoff that it had something so memorable happen, I feel more people need to know about it.

Thats me @ The Berghoff
That's me @ The Berghoff

So as I was thumbing through The Takeout's 8 Restaurants and Bars Where U.S. History Was Made, I was stunned to see The Berghoff mentioned, and here's why.

The Takeout:

One of its most meaningful historic moments took place in 1969, when seven members of the National Organization of Women, including Gloria Steinem, sat down at the men’s-only bar and demanded service, which they were eventually granted.

Chicago's Historic Berghoff Restaurant To Close
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The article mentions that The Berghoff was a men's only establishment when it first opened its doors in 1933.

Obviously, quite a bit has changed in the over 50 years since Steinem and company walked into The Berghoff, but one thing remains the same, The Berghoff itself.

Chicago's Historic Berghoff Restaurant To Close
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Do yourself a favor and go check the place out. Not only because the beer and the food are good but because the restaurant played a role in changing history, and the overall aesthetic looks like a place frozen in time.

The Berghoff is located at 17 West Adams Street in Chicago.

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