Despite being released in many countries last year, director James Gray's 'The Immigrant' finally heads to North American theaters this summer. In case there are any doubts (and this movie has been floating around for long enough to generate those kinds of doubts), a new trailer arrived for your viewing pleasure.

Taking place in New York City circa 1921, Marion Cotillard plays Ewa, a Polish immigrant who falls under the spell of Joaquin Phoenix's vile Bruno. Desperate to get her sister out of quarantine at Ellis Island, she becomes a dancer and a prostitute. When her life seems to be at rock bottom, Jeremy Renner's Emil, a professional magician and Bruno's cousin, enters the picture.

You'd think a period drama with a trio of actors as strong as Cotillard, Phoenix and Renner would have been snatched up immediately in 2013 and promoted as a major awards contender, so it's odd to see distributors dragging their feet on 'The Immigrant.' James Gray is a capable director (although more popular in Europe than the United States) and this dramatic, dreary story sounds like a wonderfully dreary time at the movies.

'The Immigrant' enters limited release on May 16, and will presumably be available to watch through other avenues soon after.