So, here we are. Week 9 in the NFL and all of the sudden, the Vikings are tied with the Packers at 6-2. Who would have thought? Not me. Now, let me say, if you don't know already, I'm a Packers fan. I'm not saying the Vikings aren't or weren't capable of getting to 6-2 and keeping up with the Packers. I'm just surprised after they were manhandled by the lowly 49ers and lost to the Broncos, they were floundering at 2-2. Now, winners of four straight, this is gonna get good... If they don't go through their annual mid-season collapse, which they tend to do year after year.

This means that the January 3rd game at Lambeau could have some play-off implications and that's the kind of football I like. That's what makes these trips we do more fun.

The best thing about these bus trips are, we just go over there to have fun. Sure there's some sh*t talking but it's all in good fun. Everybody get's along just fine. Wanna go? Check out the link below and get your seat on the bus. If you're a fan of football, I promise you'll have a good time.

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