Are you in need of some peace and quiet? Head north on Highway 52 and you'll find what has been named the "Quietest Place on Earth".

Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis was highlighted by the Guiness Book of World Records for it's anechoic chamber. Slate explains the noise level plummets to negative 9 decibels when the vault door is closed — quiet bedrooms and libraries are around 30 decibels. 

There's absolutely no outside sound, so the only sound you hear is the noise made by your body. Your heart pumping... each breath you take... your digestive system churning food.. your eye lashes blinking. With each passing second in the chamber these sounds, which you wouldn't normally hear, seem to get louder and clearer.

The silence is maddening for most.

How long could you last?

You can try the chamber but it'll cost you.

According to the lab's website a one-hour tour includes:

  • An introduction to the lab and our work
  • An explanation of the anechoic chamber
  • A discussion of sensory deprivation
  • A short group experience in the chamber
  • A copy of the Guinness Certificate (Pictures are permitted in the chamber)

The Cost: $125 per person / $250 minimum / paid two weeks in advance of visit.

Want to spend more time in the chamber? They offer a 1.5 Hour Tour which includes a 20 minute group experience in the two chambers for $175 and a 2 hour tour  which includes a 30 minute group experience in the two chambers for $250 per person.


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