Man, trash talking sure has evolved... See what I did there?

The video game "Pokémon Go" has taken the world by storm.  Which is pretty impressive, since it's less than a week old, its servers keep crashing, and it requires a thing called exercise.

Well a couple of NFC North rivals Minnesota and Chicago have now jumped on the virtual bandwagon... and let's just say the insults are now in midseason form.

Halas Hall, this ferocious looking purple Pokémon was hanging out and heckling the Chicago Bears.

Hey - Nobody said the Bears had any skills in the trash-talking department (let alone any game on the field); but the Vikings had the perfect response: 

Vikings - 1  Bears - 0

In case you're wondering when the two teams will square off and battle in real-life (sans Pokémon), the Vikings and Bears play on Monday Night Football Halloween night.  Can the season just start already?!