There are just towns in every state that, well, you stay away from, and these are the top 20. Some I agree with and some I don't.

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The good thing, there are no Tri-State towns on this list. So you can breathe a little now. However, there are some that I don't agree with. Chicago, Materoplis, and Springfield are all cities that I love to visit and stay in. I don't want to stay away I want to visit over and over. Thanks to they put together a list based on crime rates, income, cost of living, lack of activities and things to do, schools, and job opportunities. With all those key elements taken into place, here are the 20 worst towns in Illinois.

20 Towns That Suck The Most In Illinois

If you ever think about moving, make sure you avoid these towns.

Gallery Credit: Google Maps/Upsplash

If you're considering moving to Illinois or somewhere in Illinois, you might want to consider this list. Several of these towns fall on the most dangerous place to live list for Illinois. Just make sure you do your research and choose wisely.

For me as long as Quincy or any surrounding area towns stay off any lists like this I'm good to go. Illinois is a hard state to live in, but there are some good things and in my opinion, Quincy is one of those good things.

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