There is one email I look forward to every year (except when someone tells me Shawn Loter is coming to announce MVF acts) that is when I get asked to judge the HAVlife Martini Shake Off. Why do I look forward to that? Besides trying the best martinis in the Quad Cities and getting liquored up for half of the day, it's all for a great cause for a great organization.

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Did you know that the most popular martini in Iowa is a chocolate martini? Illinois' favorite martini is a strawberry flavored. Whether you like Iowa's or Illinois' favorite martini flavor, you'll be able to try the most popular martinis in the Quad Cities during the 2023 HAVlife Martini Shake Off!

About the HAVlife Quad Cities Chapter

Getty Images/HAVlife foundation
Getty Images/HAVlife foundation

HAVlife™ Quad Cities was the first of three HAVlife™ chapters established to shed light on lost potential in youth ages 10 to 15. Full of athletic aspirations, musical passions, and artistic talents, these dreamers’ zest for life runs deep.

Unfortunately for some, financial burdens and life’s obstacles trump ambition, leaving dreams untouched and potential lost. Through local school systems, community organizations, and generous individuals, HAVlife™ works with these individuals to Prevent Lost Potential!

Whether it be providing funds for a young boy to attend a local music camp, or for a young girl to attend a soccer camp her family can’t afford, HAVlife™ provides the resources students need to pursue their musical aspirations and athletic goals – just as Hunter did.


The 2023 Martini Shake Off takes place on February 16th from 5:30-9 p.m. at the RiverCenter in Downtown Davenport. You'll be able to taste martini samples from local establishments to support the HAVlife's mission of Preventing Lost Potential™.

You will spend an evening sipping on our area's best martini samples while supporting a great cause. The 2023 Martini Shake Off will feature delicious appetizers, incredible silent auction items, and music by The Shagadelics.

Tickets are $65 and since it's after February 7th, tickets will be picked up at Will Call the night of the event.

Check out some photos from the 2022 Martini Shake Off and we'll see you on February 16th for another exciting Martini Shake Off!

2022 Martini Shake Off

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