It's wild to me how much we take for granted, and also as wild to me how cyclical things are in life and in business. One business in Minnesota, specifically in the North Metro, which has been a family staple for many families over the last 50 years announced recently that it was going to close its doors for good. Asia Chow Mein Restaurant in Columbia Heights made the announcement on Black Friday.

I have really fond memories of the building and the food. It was just a quick drive from where we lived growing up, and before it became Asia Chow Mein it was a KFC. After the change over from finger lickin' good chicken to chow mein we still frequented the restaurant. Many family moments and meals were shared around the table with food from Asia Chow Mein Restaurant.

Sadly in less than a month, even after there were plans to pass the business along to their son, Winnie and Tim Ng announced they would be closing on Christmas Eve in a Facebook post.

Important message to our customers:
We would like to thank everyone for your support and kindness during these amazing 50 years. We have been so proud to be serving in Columbia Heights and are so loved by all of you! The world has changed so much and we have finally decided to retire from our place of love that we called home. It is very sad for us to hang up our aprons to face the fact that we are getting too old to handle it with short staff, high food costs, and for the last 3 years we've worked 3 X's harder than ever before. Through a lot of complaints of not opening dine-in, long lines and wait times at the drive thru, cancelled orders if we can't take it to the front door, Winnie has been so emotionally saying😢sorry to them!
Originally our plan was for our son to take over the business, but like I mentioned, the world has changed and the restaurant industry is facing so many obstacles and unknowns, so we cannot hand down this hardship to him! So with tears in our eyes, we must say sorry and thank you to all of you, our staff who were with us past or present, we cannot have 50 years of memories without you. We cannot tell you how much we will miss each and everyone of you. During the 50 years all of you have been not only our customers but like our friends and family, so in our heart with bittersweet we have to move on with next chapter of our life. We plan to spend more quality time with our 4 kids, 6 grandchildren and 3 sweet daughter in-law!
We will be closing our business on December 24th (Sat.) 😭😭And for anyone who has our gift certificates please try to use them up ASAP, as they will expired once we closed sorry for the inconvenience!
Once again Tim and I appreciate all of your kindness and support! We want to send you our best wishes and hope all of you will stay safe and healthy, please take care of each other!
Winnie and Tim Ng

It's a blow to a corridor along Central Ave in Columbia Heights that has seen high turnover over the years, and businesses closing both before and after the height of the pandemic.

Personally, when I head back to see my folk this weekend I'll make a conscious effort to stop and grab something to-go, maybe I'll even see if my parents want to share one more 'family' meal, even though my sister lives in Ohio, and my brother and his kids aren't expected to swing by.

I know it's simply the circle of life and business, but when you have a business like Asia Chow Mein, being in business for more than 50 years across different locations, close it affects more than the business owners, it touches the lives of their loyal customers, and employees.

Many thanks to the Ng family for all the years of great food and meals, and I wish you nothing but the best in retirement with your kids and grandkids.

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