Well, I guess everyone has their own claim to fame wherever you are from.  The tiny town of Dorset, Minnesota is no different.  When I say tiny town, I mean tiny town.  It has a population of just over 20.  But, with only 20 residents, they have 4 restaurants.  So, that puts them as the restaurant capital of the world, per capita.

As you drive into Dorset, there is a sign that will greet you to tell you that they are the "restaurant capital of the world".

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The four restaurants that are in Dorset will fix you up with almost anything that you would like to eat.  There's the Dorset House, which is a family restaurant.  But they are only open in the summer months, and recently closed for the season.  There is also a Mexican restaurant called Companeros.  It's a tex-mex restaurant.  In the mood for chicken?  There's the Dorrset Chick'n Coop.  There's also a General Store that doubles as an Italian eatery called the La Pasta Italian Eatery and General Store.  Original, I know, but looks pretty good! But unfortunately, this one also closes for the season.

Seems like if you would like to take a trip to Dorset, do so in the Summer months.  Since it's located just outside of Park Rapids, it's an easy stop if you are headed in that direction.  There is also a candy shop and an ice cream shop available in the summer months for you to enjoy.

Oh, by the way, Dorset isn't just the "restaurant capital of the world", they also have a unique way of choosing their mayor.  They just pull a name out of a hat and voila!  That person is now the mayor.  Very casual.

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