Top 10 Things People Love about the Olmsted County Fair in Minnesota

The Olmsted County Fair is one of the biggest and most exciting events in Rochester, Minnesota.  This year, you can enjoy all of the fun at the fair starting July 24th until July 30th at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds, which is just off of Broadway.  (Get Directions to the Olmsted County Fair)


Before you start driving to the fair, check out the list below of the top 10 favorites of the fair according to people in Rochester.

Top 10 Favorite Things at the Olmsted County Fair in Minnesota

It's one of the best weeks in Rochester, Minnesota - the Olmsted County Fair! This year, it is kicking off on Monday, July 24th, 2023 and it is jam-packed full of fun. Before you load the kids up in the car, check out the top 10 things that people in Rochester voted as their favorite at the fair. The full list of fun for the week can be found at the Olmsted County Fair website here.

What do you love most about the Olmsted County Fair?

Personally, I love seeing the giant horses and also the Miracle of Birth Center.  Other than the smell of farm animals, these spots are truly are some of my favorite places to be when I'm visiting.  Tell me your favorite by sending me a note over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio.  I also threw together a fun BINGO game you can play over there.  Check it out and share it with a friend.

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The Minnesota State Fair just announced its new foods!

If you are ok drooling while reading, I give you full permission to continue scrolling because the Minnesota State Fair just released its list of new foods and the photos are amazing.  I get hungry every time I look but scroll through and check out what will be waiting for you this year at the great Minnesota get-together.  And if you've got a favorite, we love it when you chat with us on the Y-105FM app.  We may even read your answers during our shows.  If you haven't already, download the app here...and don't forget to check the "Win Stuff" tab to see what contests are happening today.

Minnesota State Fair New Foods, Drinks, and Vendors for 2023

The new foods for the 2023 Minnesota State Fair have been announced! There are also new drinks and a few new vendors to visit.

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