Rockford and surrounding cities might have a ton of incredible local businesses, but we're on the hunt for the most underrated spots.  Can you add to the list?

One of my favorite bakeries I go to with my mom is Banana Cherry Bakery in Rockford.  Every time we go, I always say how nobody ever talks about how awesome their freshly baked goods are!

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Whether it's the prices, the service, or the wait time that you can't get anywhere else, I found 25 locally underrated spots you might want to check out!

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Here are the most mentioned after I posted the question to Facebook.  Let me just say, you did not disappoint with the responses!

25 Most Underrated Local Businesses You'll Find in the Rockford Area

I def agree with majority of the list - I used to order Panino's literally every day during shutdown.  It's one of my favorite restaurants to eat inside at, the vibe is always great.

Here are a ton of other local places that made the list!


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Now that you've seen what others suggested, what could you add to this list?

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