A video has gone viral after a middle school fight broke out in Wisconsin that shows an off-duty officer place his knee on the back of a student's neck.

The incident happen in Kenosha, Wisconsin at Lincoln Middle School.

According to WISN, investigators said the officer, whose name has not been released, was attempting to break up a lunchtime fight between two girls in the cafeteria. The off-duty officer is contracted to work with the Kenosha Unified School District.

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The report also stated that District employees who were monitoring lunch intervened to try to stop the fight. One staff member ended up being injured in the process.

The video shows the off-duty officer placing his knee on the 12-year-old girl's neck in order to subdue her. The student's father told WISN:

That man treated my daughter like she was a felon. Like she was an armed felon. No weapon in her hand. There was no reason for that force to put her neck... put his knee on her neck when obviously the country has witnessed the George Floyd situation. When I see that video, that's all I see, that's all I can think about was George Floyd

The father also stated that his daughter has a sprained neck and a head injury. He also said that she is recovering, but will not be returning to the school. He went on to say his daughter is also facing a potential juvenile disorderly conduct charge.

The Kenosha Police Department shared a press release on their Facebook page:

There is no word on what started the fight between the students. The Police stated they are investigating the incident, along with the school district while being cautious not to make conclusions based off of a small piece of information shared on social media.

Here's the clip from WISN below:

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