The NFL has announced that it is bringing back the "Color-Rush" theme for Thursday night games this year. If you don't remember, each team that played on TNF last year wore bright colors from head to toe. Fan reaction to the alternate uniforms was split.

The Minnesota Vikings have two Thursday games this year, and according to online rumors will be wearing gold jerseys for at least one of those games.

Minnesota plays Detroit on Thanksgiving and it's not clear if this game will feature the flashy uniforms. I'm guessing they'll stick to the basics since this won't be a prime time game.

The Vikings play Dallas on December 1st and both teams that night are expected to be rocking the "Color-Rush" unis. NFL Leaks tweeted the mock-up below to give you an idea of what the Vikes would look like in gold.

The chart below indicates which colors each team will be wearing for their respective games.  (All designs/colors are subject to change.)