You guys had one job...

No matter the result of any game this weekend, the Minnesota Vikings are still the best team (record-wise) in the NFL at 5-0.

Granted, we're as surprised as anyone else outside the Vikings locker room as to how we got to this point, but that's where we're at heading into Philadelphia next week.

FOX Sports, who broadcasts many of our games on their network, by the way, was previewing that very match-up earlier Sunday and screwed up in a big way...

If you're an avid Vikings fan, you'll notice a few things wrong with this graphic of quarterback Sam Bradford:

1) Sam doesn't wear gloves.

2) His head doesn't quite look right...

3) That's obviously Teddy Bridgewater's body.

Wow, that's just bad! What intern decided this was a good idea instead of just finding a real picture of Bradford? Also, I'm pretty sure they Photoshopped Teddy's left wrist to match Sam's skin color, too... I mean, what the heck was FOX thinking when they let that picture air on TV?

Maybe by next weekend they'll be able to find a real photo of Bradford, just like I did. It wasn't that hard! Even the Vikings thought the FOX image was ridiculous:  

Side note: I'm a huge fan of whoever is in charge of the Vikings' Twitter feed.

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