Is this a big deal?

A recent article by revealed that our newest first-round pick, wide receiver Laquon Treadwell, was seen wearing an Oakland Raiders cap in a Snapchat photo...

If you're a die-hard Vikings fan, does this bother you?

should it be?

Look, he's a young kid and still new to the league. It's not like he came out saying he wishes he was drafted by the Raiders, or he's bad mouthing quarterback Teddy Bridgewater at OTAs. It's just a cap! Like the article says, it's not like he's wearing a Bears hat or, even worse, a Packers hat!  Then I would have a problem with it.

But I say, who cares! Once he catches his first touchdown wearing purple and gold this fall, Vikings fans will forget all about this silly incident.

What do you think?