It's Green Bay vs. Minnesota for Week 2's "Sunday Night Football" match up - and the home team is planning to make it LOUD for the visitors with some things to get the crowd fired up.

Our Vikings home opener is about to get crazy this Sunday night at U.S. Bank Stadium as the team is introducing something extra exciting with a new “Vikings Skol Chant” during pregame festivities.

The chant will be led by Vikings alumni and it’ll resemble the “Viking War Chant” done by the Iceland men’s national soccer team this year.

A drum beats twice, followed by a collective overhead clap by the fans.  It gradually increases in tempo before morphing into an all-out clap:

OK, so it's basically a long drawn-out "slow clap" of sorts... but you have to admit that it's still pretty cool.  Just imagine 66,000+ fans doing this in unison before kickoff.  It'll be fun to see and hear for sure!

Of course, fans are used to hearing Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" as the team rushes the field before kickoff from their days inside the Metrodome and even TCF Bank Stadium last season, so hopefully they keep that tradition alive as well:

Also slated for the home-opener is the Minnesota Orchestra will put on the halftime show with music inspired by Vikings fans, Minnesota’s history and the late, great Prince.