Your Minnesota Vikings haven't been NFC North champs since 2009, and if you're looking at celebrating the team having won the division by heading to Sunday's Wildcard playoff game against the Seahawks, here's what it'll cost you.

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Unlike if the Packers had won the division -- and Sunday's game would have been held at the perpetually sold-out Lambeau Field -- there ARE still tickets available for Sunday's contest at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

A quick check of Ticketmaster shows there are plenty of seats available, and they run anywhere from $45 all the way up to $350 a ticket depending on where you sit. (While I haven't seen a football game at The Bank yet, we did check out the Luke Bryan show there last summer, and it looked like there really weren't any bad seats -- remember those crappy seats behind the posts at the Metrodome?)

There are also, of course, resale tickets available at Stubhub, too, and those run from around $63 a ticket for the upper corner end zone seats, all the way up to $1,700 a ticket for the lower sideline seats near the field!

Or, you could just stay home and watch it on TV... (Which is, no doubt, what I'll be doing!)