Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – Friday was not only a tropical day across southeast Minnesota but for many cities, the warmest day of the year.

Rochester’s official temperature reached 90 degrees at 3:00 PM, the first time it’s been that warm since last September.

The heat index (feels like temperature) was an unbearable 108 degrees.

Kim David's car on July 19 2019 at 9:13 PM July 19 2019

Some area cities were even warmer - Winona reached 95 degrees, Owatonna and Red Wing peaked at 93 and Austin reached 91. The St. Marys Hospital helipad peaked at 92 degrees. It was a sizzling 99 degrees in La Crosse at 4:00 PM and the heat index was 117, the highest in the city since 2001.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service is predicting another stormy day is possible for southeast Minnesota Saturday but then dry weather is expected all of this coming week - good timing for the Olmsted County Fair.