When two deputies showed up at the Stettin, Wisconsin home of 75-year-old Roger Hoeppner earlier this month, he didn't answer the door. Instead, somebody closed the blinds in the house and the deputies could hear people inside talking.

How did the deputies react? In this case, they called for back-up. That back-up came in the form of two dozen law enforcement officers and an armored vehicle! And the reason the deputies showed up in the first place? Unpaid fines for messy land. That's right, evidently Mr. Hoeppner restores old tractors and the mess that his hobby made was adjudged to be a violation of city ordinances. The city had been fining Hoeppner since 2008, and he had accumulated fines of more than $80,000.

So, what do you think? Was this a little excessive? Officials didn't think so. They claim it was necessary in order to get Hoeppner to comply with their orders.

Hoeppner, on the other hand, felt it was way too excessive. According to WSAW-TV, he has hired an attorney and will be suing the Town of Stettin for $4.5 million!

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