OSO, Wash. (AP) — Authorities say they still don't know how many people remain missing from a deadly Washington state mudslide.

Snohomish County Emergency Management Director John Pennington said late Monday that officials were working off a potential list of 176 people, but he stressed that authorities believed that included many duplicate names.

At least 14 people have died. Officials say they are still culling through multiple reports of people who may have lived or worked in the area.

The slide smashed through a small community about 55 miles north of Seattle on Saturday morning.

A Texas woman whose family members were in the area of the deadly landslide in

 says she has lost hope that they can be found alive in the rubble.

Nichole Webb Rivera says she frantically called and texted her parents, her daughter and her daughter's fiance when the massive hillside collapsed Saturday morning.

Rivera says her parents, Thom and Marcy Satterlee, lived in the center of the slide, and she doesn't think they made it out. She says her 20-year-old daughter, Delaney Webb, and Webb's fiance were visiting the older couple at the time.

Rivera lives in Houston but traveled to Washington after the slide. She said Monday after visiting the area: "We've lost four."