(*Doorbell rings*) Who's there? (*Doorbell rings*) Who's there? (*Doorbell rings*) Who's there? This routine was repeated recently as a clever woodpecker decided to ring a Midwest family's doorbell over and over and over again.

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This fun video moment happened in Eaton Rapids, Michigan a few days ago based on the video description. The unlucky (but fortunately amused) home owner shared the backstory behind this persistent bird:

I stepped outside to find a woodpecker tapping on my doorbell. It's probably just chasing a bug but luckily I had my phone on me just in case it managed to ring the doorbell.

Woodpecker Pro Tip: they like big seeds if you'd like to convince them to go elsewhere.

We frequently feed the birds who live near our home in rural Illinois. Mainly our feeder is visited by cardinals, sparrows and the occasional blue jay. There is one particular woodpecker who we've seen on our feeder picking out sunflower seeds. He's not the neatest bird and tends to drop them often so now we have sunflowers growing outside of our door planted by a woodpecker. True story.

Perhaps I should be thankful that our doorbell doesn't work as I wouldn't be surprised if the woodpecker near our house would perch himself on it and ring it over and over again like this Midwest family endured.

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