Is it just me or are there way more potholes this season than any other?

I did a lot of driving this weekend and I swear every three feet there is a pothole, one time when turning the corner on my way to get food I swear I almost lost my back tire!

It seems to me that alongside dealing with what is likely to be a Top 10 winter for snowfall, the Twin Cities is also dealing with one of the worst pothole seasons in recent memory.

I guess it’s not just me though there seems to be a lot of commotion online as more and more potholes emerge as the snow melts.

In a Bring Me The News Article, it is reported that Thanks to the snow-freeze-thaw-rinse-and-repeat winter seen so far, the City of Minneapolis confirms “it is receiving more pothole reports than usual.”

"We had a stretch of days in January where we saw a freeze-thaw cycle almost every day (above freezing during the day and below freezing at night)," Minneapolis spokesman Casper Hill said.

What is even crazier is that shops are seeing business boom due to the “hellscape that is Twin Cities roads,” as described by Bring Me The News.

An employee at Baraka Auto Center in northeast Minneapolis told Bring Me The News it's seeing at least 2 to 3 customers coming in a week solely due to pothole damage!

With all of the cracks and holes in the streets, many have shared on social media just how chaotic this season has been

My favorite right now comes from @photogfred on TikTok who measures the potholes around St. Paul

Some on Twitter share photos, including MPR who shares that a school bus fell into a pothole! Yeah, it fell in!

And of course, there are some who share that this could be known as the off-roading season!

The Baraka Auto Center employee offered the following advice to Bring Me The News and drivers:

don't swerve as it could cause an accident, but "drive slowly" when you spot a pothole.

So stay safe out there my fellow Minnesotans and let’s hope these potholes will be fixed by the end of the summer.

All information is credited to the users on Twitter and TikTok, and the article from

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