Remember the old Shopko North store in Rochester, Minnesota?  Many of us, including my family, loved shopping there back in the day but we also had friends and loved ones working at the Shopko stores up until the final days before they closed forever.  Both stores sat empty for a bit but it looks like we've got one more update happening with those buildings because something new has shown up on the right side of the old Shopko North building.


Here's the latest on what's going in the old Shopko stores in Rochester

ICYMI, the South Shopko store is currently being remodeled for a new store.  The ironic thing is, the new store is a lot like a Shopko!


The North store has been through a dramatic change and is almost unrecognizable today.

  • On the left side, where part of the Garden Center and Health and Beauty used to be, is the brand new Purple Goat.
Jessica Williams
  • In the middle is the gorgeous showroom of Haley Comfort Systems, complete with fireplaces on the outside of the building.
Jessica Williams
  • The right side, which used to be Women's Apparel and is closest to the newly re-opened CMX Chateau Theater, was sitting empty for a bit but it is looking like someone new is there now.  Here's what I know so far...

Welcome to NE Rochester ETS Performance!

You probably remember the news that a few NFL players were opening up a sports facility in town over on Bandel Road in NW Rochester.  It's been open for a bit and is know as Rochester's premier sports facility.  Signs are now up at the old Shopko North building and ETS Performance is on the building.

Jessica Williams

If this is your first time hearing about ETS Performance you can learn more at their website here.

Jessica Williams

But wait...there's another sign up at the old Shopko North store in Rochester

One more sign has shown up on the doors of the old Shopko North building and looks to be a great addition to the space by ETS Performance.

Jessica Williams

Active PT and Sports Physical Therapy has "Coming Soon!!!" on their website.  You can see that and learn more here.

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Office Building to Bar!  Check out this other amazing transformation that happened to a building in Southeast Minnesota

Just a short drive from Rochester is a town that saw an old office building get transformed into an amazing spot that is now called Stellar 181 Taphouse.  If you love watching home improvement shows or are fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines, you'll love the before and after photos below.

Spring Valley, Minnesota building transforms from an office building to an amazing bar!

If you haven't heard, Stellar 181 Taphouse is open and ready for you to devour some nachos and grab a beer with a friend. But before the doors could open, this space in Southeast Minnesota went through a major transformation. Scroll through and see a few of the before and afters of what is now Stellar 181 Taphouse in Spring Valley, Minnesota.