There is more than corn, pork, tulips, and politics in Iowa. On the fun side, you can ride your bike across the state each year border to border alongside a few thousand people. You could also tour the bridges of Madison County. Both, are fun things to do.

Some of the beauty that is among the tall corn fields of Iowa are the spectacular golf courses. My first Iowa course was playing the oldest, continuously run course in the state that is located in Alton. Lined with stately trees that have been the focal point of this small northwestern town.

Recently, Men's Journal came out with a list of the Best Golf Courses in All 50 States. For Iowa, Spirit Hollow in Burlington takes the top honor.

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The course stretches to 7,550 yards with a 74.8 rating and 134 slope from the Gold tees. If you don't carry that big of stick three other tee boxes may suit you better.

"Spirit Hollow has been rated the #1 Best Course to Play in Iowa by Golfweek magazine for the past 3 years."

When you find yourself in southeast Iowa along the Mississippi River, there is no better golf experience than Spirit Hollow.

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