In a recent episode of 'KOLM's Two-Minute Drill,' the sports guys were in agreement that the Minnesota Vikings need to focus on offense with their first-round pick in this year's NFL draft. They were of different minds as to which position the team should focus on, but both agreed upgrades are needed on offense if the Vikings are to continue to make strides forward.

This time around, Scotty and Frank discuss potential defenders the Vikings could take with their first round pick, should they decide to take a "best player available" approach to things. Linebacker and safety are two positions of need. Would a perfect fit be there for one of those positions with the 23rd pick? Here are a few guys who might be worth considering if they're still around at that point in the draft, including one player who could potentially help with either - or both - of the team's needs on the defensive side of the ball.

Which defensive position do you think the Vikings need to focus on? Let us know right here!

And if you missed their discussion on the offensive side of the ball, here's what they each had to say there...