Rochester's famous flag-waiving celebrity is typically seen along 2nd Street across from Saint Marys Hospital, and has been known to make appearances at Rochester events like Thursdays Downtown, RochesterFest, and Social Ice, but was recently spotted on top of a restaurant.

His Facebook page explains that 2nd Street Joe's only goal is to make people smile and that's exactly what he was trying to accomplish when he climbed up onto the Candian Honker.

Have You Seen What's On Rochester's Canadian Honker Restaurant?

Back in 2017, a Facebook friend of mine shared a photo that showed the roof of the restaurant and the sign on top that was meant to cheer up patients in the hospital across the street.

According to Joe's Facebook page, one of Joe's brothers is in the ICU so the Canadian Honker was gracious enough to allow him up on their roof "to send love to his brother."

On the street, at events, on rooftops - wherever Joe goes he brings a ton of positivity. I'm hoping his brother was able to feel the love.

And, props to the Canadian Honker for opening its doors and allowing Joe to send some love up to his brother. He's in good hands at Saint Marys and we're hoping he makes a speedy recovery.

2nd Street Joe has been waiving his flags and bringing smiles to the faces of Rochester residents and visitors for 17-years. You can follow his journeys on Facebook. 

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