Another college bowl season is here, and let me be among the first to welcome it with a hearty yawn!

The more the powers that be try to fix the BCS football post-season, the more they seem to screw things up. Don't get me wrong. It's great that there are four teams this year that have been given an actual chance to play for the national title and all four had strong seasons.

Yet, if I'm the players, coaches and fans of teams like Baylor and TCU, I'd find it a bit hard to swallow that even though my team is arguably as good, or better, than the other one-loss teams that are in the first-ever BCS playoffs, I'm not getting a chance to prove it.

What's even worse is the sheer number of teams that are actually playing in bowl games - many that simply don't deserve to be there. In our seemingly never-ending attempt to over-glorify mediocrity, a full dozen teams with 6-6 records have been invited to bowl games (meaning that those teams that lose their bowl game will actually finish their season with a record below .500).

But wait, there's more. Fresno State finished their season 6-7 and are being rewarded with a trip to the Hawaii Bowl to play the Temple Owls. Since when did teams with a losing record even get considered for post-season play?

If I'm a sales person and I don't even reach 50% of my annual sales goal, there's no way my company is sending me on a Hawaiian vacation on their dime, right?

But hey, enjoy the college bowl season. Other than the playoff games, I doubt I'll be wasting any time on them...