The MLB All-Star Game is right around the corner and the Minnesota Twins, with a record of 46-39, look like they're sending just one player to All-Star weekend.

Twins closer Glen Perkins will be making his third straight All-Star Game representing the Central Division's second place team. Perkins is the AL's saves leader, with 28, and having maybe his best year in the majors thus far. Perkins, born in St. Paul, attended the University of Minnesota and has spent his entire nine-year career in a Twins uniform.

In 2013 he took over as the full-time closer and has taken full advantage of the opportunity. Perkins has gone to the All-Star Game in all three of the years he has been the Twins full-time closer and has cemented himself as one of the MLB's top relief pitchers. Perkins has mostly flown under the radar this season, and the same could be said for the entire Twins team, who are in the playoff hunt.

This could be the reason second-baseman Brian Dozier is most likely not going to get voted into this year's All-Star Game, though his play thus far makes him well deserving of a spot. Brian Dozier has improved every year since his rookie season in 2012, and like Perkins is having the best year of his career so far this season. Dozier is hitting .260, which is respectable but not great, but has made most of his impact with his power in the first half of the year.

He leads all second-baseman with 18 homers this season, with the next closest having just 11. He also leads all second-baseman with 46 RBIs; second place being All-Star Game starter Jose Altuve. Altuve, the starter at second-base, and reserve, Jason Kipnis, are both well deserving of being selected, and are having terrific seasons. Altuve, the leader of AL West leading Astros, is hitting .299 with 7 homers and 36 RBI's. Kipnis of the Cleveland Indians, leads all second-baseman with an average of .336 also has 36 RBI's. Twins fans should have no problem with those two making the All-Star Game, but maybe with how the MLB Final-Vote is formatted.

After all the starters and reserves were announced this week for the All-Star Game in Cincinnati, the fans have one more chance to vote for the final player on each teams roster. Fans are also given the responsibility of voting for starters, but not reserves, which is in the hands of the players themselves.

In the fan vote for starters, it was clear that Kansas City Royals fans had a huge impact, sending five of nine starters for the American League. Many people had a problem with this since guys that did deserve to go were not able to because Kansas City fans seemed to only vote in their teams players, rather than guys that may have been more deserving. It seems as if this is happening again in the MLB Final-Vote.

The AL has five candidates for the MLB Final-Vote, one being the Twins' Brian Dozier, and another being Kansas City's Mike Moustakas. It looks like Moustakas has a commanding lead, which is well-deserved, but with the plethora of Royals players already in the All-Star Game, it makes the fan vote look more and more like it needs to be changed.

When one team has six players, it's a great thing for their fan-base and a great thing for the TV ratings in that region. Hats off to the Kansas City fans who voted enough to get six players into the All-Star Game, but they could be the reason that MLB fans nationwide no longer get the privilege to vote for participants in the years to come. Brian Dozier may miss out on this year's game but Twins fans have taken notice of his outstanding play this season, when most of the MLB has not.

Voting ends Friday, July 10 at 4 PM Eastern Time. Let's all help Brian Dozier out by voting for him!