Officials from a Wisconsin town are warning residents about yet another scam going around and it could happen anywhere else in the state and in Minnesota, so it's best to brush up on it so you don't become a victim.

There is a scam for absolutely everything these days. Scammers are getting so brazen that they are even posing as officers from the Duluth Police Department. The Duluth Police Department warned Duluthians about this recently, telling them to be aware.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation also warned Wisconsinites of a scam recently. Back in September, they shared that scammers were posing as members of the DMV in an attempt to phish information.

While you may be rolling your eyes at how someone could ever fall for something like this, scammers are getting pretty advanced and can make things appear legitimate at first glance, even if they aren't.

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This scam is one I have never seen or heard of before, which means it is likely a lot of other people haven't either! It was reported by the Wisconsin town of Fennimore. They warned of the scam recently on their Facebook page.

According to their post, USPS reached out to officials directly so that they could get the message across to those that live there and in surrounding areas. Scammer are sending messages to people in the area, saying that a package was delivered, they weren't able to retrieve it and now if they want the package, they have to pay to have it redelivered.

It also comes with a link to click and scammers are pretending it is someone with USPS delivering packages. Obviously, this is not a legitimate link but a phishing attempt from the scammer to get your banking information - hence why they say you must pay to get a package redelivered.

While you may wonder how someone could ever fall for something like that, take into consideration that everything is digital now. It seems like I get text messages or emails for everything so I probably wouldn't think twice about it!

Several people weighed in on the comments of the post, writing that they had received the text in surrounding areas or had received the text from another shipping organization like FedEx and UPS.

If you do order something that is being shipped through USPS, keep the tracking number so you can track it directly. Of course, do not click the link on anything that you aren't one-hundred percent sure is real or legitimate. If you have any concerns or questions about whether something is, it is best to contact USPS directly.

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