Superhero movies doing cross-promotional ads with fast food companies is nothing new and neither is Hardee's commercials that sexualize women and hamburgers, but this new ad featuring Mystique (or a stand-in, anyway) to promote both 'X-Men: Days of Future of Past' and Hardee's new Western X-Tra Bacon burger is so offensively awful, even by dumb commercial standards, it'll make you wish Professor X could wipe your brain after. 

First of all, let's thank Jennifer Lawrence for having the common sense not to film this commercial. Second: WTF?!

This Hardee's/Carl's Jr. ad is horrendous, and that says a lot given that the company is known for its lame, salacious advertising featuring scantily clad ladies in bikinis eating sloppy sandwiches because you know, it's hot or whatever. The above commercial features shape-shifting mutant Mystique, who changes form into a handsome man so she can wolf down this abomination of a sandwich packed with bacon (because bacon, dudes, right on), with the caption "Man up."

The message here is that you can't enjoy this sandwich unless you're a dude, so you better get your bro on if you want to chow down on this Western-themed, bacon-stuffed monstrosity brah, because Westerns are for men and bacon is a man's meat, and when you combine those two -- no chicks allowed.

Thank goodness Mystique can change her form at will or else how would she enjoy this horrible fast food concoction?