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7 Ways To Make Someone From Rochester Angry

We’ve all been thoroughly annoyed by these things. How many have you experienced in Rochester?

I hit “my meter” when I was asked for the thousandth time if I work at Mayo. It happens every time I tell someone I’m new to the area, and that I moved for “a job”… the inevitable follows: “OH! So you work at Mayo?” ….no, I don’t. Here are seven ways to make someone in Rochester pretty angry very quickly.


angry driver
Vladimir Mucibabic


Drive like an arse



Seriously, I could just copy and paste this one 1,000 times and we’d more than cover this list. Drivers in Rochester are frustrating for a lot of reasons.

If you’re not driving with headlights on at night or during bad weather, if you’re definitely cutting someone off in front of the Second Street McDonald’s and holding up rush hour traffic, merging onto Highway 52 improperly, or failing to observe┬áthe rules for bikes and cars sharing the road – you’re upsetting someone in Rochester. I guarantee you.


Kim David/Townsquare Media
Kim David/Townsquare Media


Take things away



Don’t mess with our Snappy Burger, Wicked Moose, or other restaurants! We like them to stay! Oh, wait…



Be a Canadian goose



Yeah, yeah, yeah, we sure love our “honkers” (be it a restaurant or baseball team) around these parts… BUT NOT THE REAL ONES!

Holy crap these dudes are relentlessly territorial, and definitely impact traffic from time to time. Especially around Silver Lake.

Be a Canadian goose, and you’re upsetting someone in Rochester.



Assume everyone works at Mayo



While we’re certainly grateful for what Mayo has done for the city, NOT EVERYONE WORKS THERE!

Believe it or not, other jobs exist in Rochester. People don’t always move to the area for the clinic either.


Another poorly parked vehicle I've encountered. See how crooked this van is in relation to the lines?
Another poorly parked vehicle I’ve encountered. See how crooked this van is in relation to the lines?


Park like an arse



Are you outside of your lines? Are you parked too close to your neighbor?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’re upsetting someone in Rochester. I guarantee it. Especially in town!


Fall in Rochester
Fall in Rochester


Call us “the other Rochester”



Excuse us, but we’re #1 in our eyes! Forget New York!


Woman Construction Worker with Slow Sign


Do a bunch of construction at once



We know this is maintenance that must be done – but does it ALL have to be done during the spring – fall in the same area? Seriously, we’d like a break for a bit!


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